You are so much more than your pain!

Osteopaths consider the body as a whole and don’t just treat symptoms. I take a detailed case history and ask you about your current situation. I listen carefully to continue to build up a picture of what’s happened to you, taking into account your lifestyle and the traumas or stresses you have been through. How is your sleep? What work and exercise do you do?  How is this pain affecting your relationship with your children or grandchildren? Any accidents or illnesses etc.?

This is followed by a physical examination – I will explain everything I am going to do and always get your permission. I may request x-rays or scans. I will carefully assess your posture, spine and the problem area. Osteopaths use standard tests combined with more specialist osteopathic tests. This is usually a series of gentle movements (for instance you bending forward and backwards so that I can analyse how your vertebrae are moving, and what causes you pain).

Macclesfield Osteopath Clinic
How many sessions will it take?

During your initial consultation I will diagnose your condition. This will form the basis of your treatment plan, which I will tailor to you by taking into account your specific needs and lifestyle. We will then agree on a number of sessions – some people need just 1 treatment. More complex issues may require a course of 6 sessions, though an average is 3.

Do I have to get undressed?

No. Just wear loose clothing – perhaps shorts for men and leggings and vest top for ladies. I will need to see your spine. You may be more comfortable using one of our medical gowns. I have changing facilities available.

Macclesfield Osteopath Clinic
What do you treat? What does treatment involve?

Finding the origin of your pain

Osteopaths always try to see ‘past the pain’ directly to the origin. So you may suffer from headaches and take pain killers but the origin might be from a whiplash injury to your neck as a teenager. Do you want to carry on with painkillers indefinitely, or let me help heal the whiplash? 

The above thorough analysis provides information for your probable diagnosis (what’s wrong), prognosis (how long it will take to get better) and treatment plan. I will explain your diagnosis in a way that’s easy to understand – with the help of my skeleton (Patricia), analogies and drawings. Many patients find it a relief to finally understand the cause of their pain. We will then discuss a treatment and rehabilitation plan suitable for your individual needs, along with how many sessions it may take.

Is it for me?

I understand that you may like to have a chat about your symptoms before deciding to book in. Please call my friendly receptionists on the numbers below and I will call you back as I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation. We can see if osteopathy would be helpful for you. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the more in-depth consultation.

Get back to living life to the full: fast and painlessly!

Louise Horn

“Michelle has been amazing, I work full time with horses and getting bashed about over the years has taken its toll on my neck and shoulders, leaving me with quite severe problems! If it wasn’t for Michelle I wouldn’t still be doing the job I love! If you’re not improving with the treatment you receive from your osteopath then I would highly recommend you try Michelle as she is working wonders with me.” 

Louise Horn / 43, Horse stables owner, Knutsford.