Qualifications & Experience

I have 17 years experience as an Osteopath.

In 2003 I gained a 2:1 honours degree in Osteopathy at the prestigious London College of Osteopaths. Speciality postgraduate studies in pain free treatments (PFT). I gained experience in the busy practices at Belper and Hertford, before establishing my Macclesfield practice in 2005. 

I also hold a 1994 Mech Eng (hons) degree – Portsmouth University.

Michelle Mason

Why Me?

Well, you hate the pain and so do I. Do you want to feel better without ‘cracking’?  I specialise in non-invasive pain free treatments (PFT) that are a fast, safe and effective treatment alternative.

I understand how important it is to be seen quickly when you need relief from pain – so I set aside a slot each day for an emergency same day appointment. Parking is provided. If I can’t help, I’ll be honest with you. I work closely with local GPs, consultants and other health professionals to keep them in the loop and always provide the best solutions for you.

I treat the origin of your pain, not just the causes, and by providing you with the understanding and awareness that you need, I aim to reduce the likelihood of you developing further problems in the future. I often cross refer for specialist Pilates rehab. The advantage with it being onsite is that your instructor and I will be in close communication throughout your rehab.

And if you have a query or something you’ve forgotten to ask? You can contact me at any time for advice and reassurance.

Same Day Appointments Free Parking

Me & Osteopathy…

As a kid, my favourite book was about Sammy Squirrel who healed all his friends with a touch from his magic feather. This curiosity about healing and how things work led to me, as a hippy teenager, volunteering at a medical centre in India. 

However, the love of the ‘how things work’ took over and in 1994 I completed my honours degree in mechanical engineering. By grace, a newspaper advert for osteopaths led to me shadowing an osteopath. I witnessed a man with scoliosis (bent spine), being made straight within 2 minutes! After my own headaches were cured by gentle osteopathic work on my lower back, I knew: I had to be an osteopath.  

Abstract image of headBeing an osteopath combines the ‘hippy Michelle in India’ wanting to be Sammy Squirrel, with the analytical and scientific ‘engineering Michelle’.

After 17 years, I genuinely still love what I do – there is nothing like seeing patients getting back to normal life and moving freely again.

The Magic Feather book
About my interests

In Addition

I live in Macclesfield and have two teenagers. One you’ll often find in the ring at Macclesfield Boys Boxing Club, and the other Irish dancing. She also whacks various instruments at Macclesfield Youth Brass Band (percussionist!). On Fridays you’ll find me there helping out, on Saturdays maybe walking up Tegg’s Nose (easy way up!), and on Sundays at church.

Chloe Taylor

“I have had discomfort from scoliosis for many years resulting in back pain and in that time seen multiple doctors and physiotherapists that have been absolutely useless! After my first session with Michelle my pain and discomfort reduced massively, my range of movement improved and I felt more balanced within my body. My problem is long term and structural so it will never go, but if you are like me with an ongoing injury, ache or pain Michelle is the perfect person to help long term. I couldn’t recommend her enough, not only is she a wonderful healer but also a genuinely lovely person! Thank you!”

Chloe Taylor / 23, Pilates Instructor, Macclesfield