Osteopathic treatment can help sometimes debilitating shoulder and arm pain.

Is shoulder, elbow or hand pain stopping you from doing the things you love? This pain is often related to a trapped nerve which is often described as tingling or burning in the arm, hand or fingers.

It can also be caused by frozen shoulder, bursitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, sports injuries, muscle tightness or through repetitive strain motions such as typing at a computer.

Osteopathy for Shoulder & Arm Pain
Frozen shoulder

This diagram of a frozen shoulder shows movements that are commonly painful and restricted. It occurs when the shoulder joint capsule sticks to itself and becomes very inflamed. In serious cases the shoulder literally feels “frozen” limiting most of its movement and can be very painful.

Tennis elbow

Sporting injuries are another common cause for pain such as lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). This is one of the most common injuries I see relating to the elbow.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome of the wrist can cause pain that everyday activities such as typing or using the mouse are seemingly impossible (see diagram below).

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Over the years I have noticed with trauma that the body protects the area by ‘enveloping’ around the trauma site – a gentle approach is required as the body begins to unwind and dissipate the forces that impacted previously. I will examine the area in detail, looking in detail at the past trauma and how the impacted forces may still be playing a role in your current pain, and the surrounding areas. I will explain clearly what is happening and how I can help. I find many people have never been given a clear diagnosis – and this in itself provides understanding and often much relief.

Your Treatment

I will use a wide range of safe and effective pain free treatments, depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis, tailored specifically for you. It will involve a variety of techniques to reduce pain, muscle spasm and inflammation.

My aim is to increase movement and reduce the pressure of compressed nerves and other structures, and provide you with the latest Pilates based exercises to maintain your recovery.

Your First Visit Pain free Treatment
Osteopathic treatment can help sometimes debilitating shoulder and arm pain.

Is it for me?

I have helped many people just like you who found shoulder and arm pain limiting their lives.

I understand you might like to chat through your symptoms with me before booking, so I now offer a free, no obligation 10 minutes phone consultation. We can decide together if I may help you become the healthier, pain free you again.

Helen Dewhurst

“Michelle is a caring, intuitive Osteopath with a range of skills and experience. Her gentle yet dynamic techniques have helped me to heal from chronic shoulder discomfort. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

Helen Dewhurst / 52, busy mum and artist