‘First do no harm’ (Hippocrates AD245)

I listened to patients who wanted to know if there was an effective alternative to being ‘cracked’. Many found the ‘cracking’ adjustment invasive – physically and emotionally – and with a sense of loss of control. 

Holding this in mind, I spent years in clinic and post-graduate training developing my speciality. When combined with exercises adapted to your lifestyle and diagnosis, it will provide a fast road to recovery and future pain prevention. My patients are often surprised at the dramatic changes after a session relative to the gentleness of touch.

The techniques I use are safe, effective and non-invasive – physically and emotionally. Please note I do not crack, click or use cranial work. Nothing is forced. Everything is clinically evidence based. This is a gentle yet strong treatment. 

Will it hurt?

There may be just mild discomfort. I understand that you don’t want any additional pain! You are in the right place, as pain-free treatment is my specialism. I aim to treat you safely and effectively with as little pain as possible.

Painfree treatment
Osteopathic treatment can help sometimes debilitating shoulder and arm pain.

I use a combination of:

  • Improving posture
  • Releasing muscle spasms
  • Spinal and structure realignment
  • Spinal decompression (excellent relief for disc and problems in the lower back and neck)
  • Easing pressure on nerves (superb for sciatica)
  • Specialist massage
  • Stretching
  • Specific directed movement (joint movement and release)
  • Comfortable traction 
  • Using the latest electrical equipment (electrotherapy, mechanical therapy and ultrasound). 

In addition I will help you between sessions with advice and information, mechanical aids (kt tape and supports) and the latest rehab exercises. All advice will be tailored for you to enhance the progress made during treatment. We also have convenient in-house Reformer Pilates studio with specialist instructors.

By providing you with the understanding and awareness you need, I aim to reduce the likelihood of you developing further problems in the future.

Same Day Appointments
Osteopathy for neck pain Macclesfield Knutsford Cheshire
Peter Mynette

““I have been attending Michelle’s clinic for over five years with a recurring back problem and she has helped me considerably. I find that unlike some practitioners her treatment is painless, effective and delivered with compassion. I recommend her as I have done to several friends.”

Peter Mynette / Retired Company Director, Macclesfield