Our teenagers go through huge physical, mental and hormonal changes.

This is a specialist area of interest for me.

Is your teenager or child spending long hours using technology such as smartphones, leading to poor posture, aches and pains?

Or perhaps suffering from sports injuries, or growth related pains such as Osgood-Schlatter disease?

Spinal growth and development surges in childhood and early adolescent years. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia takes time to adapt to rapid growth spurts and postural changes. At this stage abnormal spinal curves, such as a scoliosis, can develop.

While the body is in such a period of change it is also challenged by the increased demands of studying such as carrying large school bags, exams and the stress that accompanies them plus long hours of sitting and possibly poor posture. Sleeping and eating habits can also be affected.

Osteopathy for Teenagers and Children
Posture issues in children and teenagers - scoliosis
Posture issues in children and teenagers - scoliosis
Osteopathy for back pain Macclesfield Knutsford Cheshire


It is important for teenagers and children to be assessed regularly through this time period. I will carry out a detailed examination of their posture, and area of pain to determine the cause. I will explain clearly what’s happening and how I can help. This in itself provides understanding and often much relief. I will also address the imbalance of forces maintaining the problem – often poor posture and. prolonged sitting with poor alignment. Advice can be given on footwear, school bags, pillows, study area, exercise, stretching and posture.

Specialist Osteopathic Treatment for Teenagers & Children

We all want our kids to be happy and as I treat individuals not conditions, I will take time to look at all the factors contributing to a discomfort, strain or injury. Treatment is usually gentle, using soft tissue massage, joint articulation and gentle traction. Teenagers and children often find this very relaxing and often report improved sleep afterwards.

Your First Visit Pain free Treatment
Specialist Osteopathic Treatment for Teenagers
Specialist Osteopathic Treatment for Teenagers & Children

Is it for your child or teenager?

I have helped many kids just like yours who found pain limiting their lives.

I understand you and your child/teenager might like to chat through the symptoms with me before booking, so I now offer a free, no obligation 10 minutes phone consultation. We can decide together if I may help your child become healthier and pain free again.

Will Anderson

“I used to go to a physiotherapist with back pain, which provided a temporary solution. Since I started visiting Michelle, she has totally transformed my aches and pains with a holistic approach and I now only have to go occasionally to feel completely ‘re-aligned’!”

Will Anderson / 17, Student and footballer, Macclesfield