The cervical spine (neck) is an extremely complex area which Osteopaths are trained for years to assess and treat.

Are you frustrated with pain and stiffness in your neck? – Or perhaps in your upper back, shoulders and sometimes into the arms: when there is a problem with your neck, discomfort may be caused in a number of areas further away. This pain can be constant and often cause upper neck/base of skull headaches – known as cervicogenic headaches.

The majority of headaches are caused by tension and/or a poor posture. Prolonged and chronic muscle tightness in the neck area leads to the nerves and joints becoming compressed which often causes pain and headaches. An osteopath can provide relief in these areas.

Osteopathy for Neck Pain & Headaches
Osteopathy for neck pain Macclesfield Knutsford Cheshire


I will carry out a detailed examination of your neck and posture, determining the cause of your pain. I will explain clearly what is happening and how I can help. I find many people have never been given a clear diagnosis – and this in itself  provides understanding and often much relief. I will also address the imbalance of forces maintaining the problem – often poor posture, prolonged sitting and driving, past falls and injuries and heavy lifting.

Your Treatment

I will use a wide range of safe and effective pain free treatments, depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis, tailored specifically for you. It will involve a variety of techniques to reduce pain, muscle spasm and inflammation.

My aim is to increase movement and reduce the pressure of compressed nerves and other structures, and provide you with the latest Pilates based exercises to maintain your recovery in the long term so you are less likely to re-injure

Your First Visit Pain free Treatment
Osteopathy for neck pain Macclesfield Knutsford Cheshire

Is it for me?

I have helped many people just like you who found neck pain limiting their lives.

I understand you might like to chat through your symptoms with me before booking, so I now offer a free, no obligation 10 minutes phone consultation. We can decide together if I may help you become the healthier, pain free you again.

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“Michelle has helped me enormously when I have been in pain with my neck and back. I have recommended Michelle to friends and family alike.”

Pauline Jones / 60, Property Lettings, Macclesfield
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“I have a chronic neck condition and headaches which means I see Michelle regularly. She is kind and caring and very effective. I do not know what I should do without her help.”

Ruth Rooney / 63, Accountant, Macclesfield