Can you help me?

I treat all ages from 2 to 82! These are some of the common conditions people frequently come to me with.


I recognise that you are more than just a condition. If I can’t help you I’ll tell you. I work closely with local GP’s and consultants and so can refer you to a local specialist who can. 

I understand that you may like to have a chat about your symptoms before deciding to book in. I offer a free 10 minute phone consultation. Please call my friendly receptionists on the numbers below to arrange a call back.

Macclesfield: 01625 425045 Knutsford: 01565 745030

We can see if osteopathy would be helpful for you. You can then decide if you would like to go ahead with the more in-depth consultation.

Your First Visit
What will it cost?
Initial phone consultation (10 minutes) Free
Knutsford Initial Consultation (30 minutes) £20.00
Knutsford all Treatments (30 minutes) £55.00
Macclesfield Initial Consultation (30 minutes) £20.00
Macclesfield all Treatments (30 minutes) £45.00
How many sessions will it take?

During your initial consultation I will diagnose your condition. This will form the basis of your treatment plan, which I will tailor to you by taking into account your specific needs and lifestyle. We will then agree on a number of sessions – some people need just 1 treatment. More complex issues may require a course of 6 sessions, though an average is 3.

Your First Visit
Do I have to get undressed?

No. Just wear loose clothing – perhaps shorts for men and leggings and vest top for ladies. I will need to see your spine. You may be more comfortable using one of our medical gowns. I have changing facilities available.

Will it hurt?

There may be just mild discomfort. I understand that you don’t want any additional pain! You are in the right place, as pain-free treatment is my specialism. I aim to treat you safely and effectively with as little pain as possible.

Non-invasive Treatment
Is there parking and crèche facilities?

In Macclesfield, I provide free onsite parking and crèche* facilities.
*Crèche facilities are at an additional cost of £5, but due to Covid restrictions are currently unavailable.

In Knutsford there is free parking directly outside on King Street. If not available there is parking for 80p (reimbursable) in King Street Car Park opposite.

How do I book in to see you?

Simply use the online booking system online or call my friendly receptionists and they will book you in at a time to suit you.

Book Online Macclesfield: 01625 425045 Knutsford: 01565 745030
Do I need to see a Doctor first?

No. Osteopaths are trained similarly to doctors in terms of examination and diagnosis. I work closely with GPs and consultants, and may want to discuss your case if necessary – always with your permission.

Will my insurance pay for it?

I am covered by most major insurers. Please check with your insurer first to see if your policy covers you.

Is it safe?

GOC logoThe osteopathy profession, in the UK is governed by The General Osteopathic Council (GOsC). Since 2000, law has protected the title “osteopath”. Only practitioners meeting the GOsC’s high standards of competence and safety are eligible to join the register.

Can I bring a relative or a friend?

Yes absolutely, you can have either a friend or relative present throughout your consultation and/or treatment. Some of the case history questions can be a little personal. You can always have the consultation whilst your relative or friend waits outside and then invite them in to observe the treatment. It’s important that you feel comfortable.

What is Osteopathy?

You are so much more than your pain!

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that uses manual (hands-on) techniques to both diagnose and treat pain in muscles, joints, nerves, discs, ligaments and tendons.
It’s also so much more: Osteopaths consider the body as a whole and don’t just treat symptoms.

Finding the origin of your pain

Osteopaths always try to see ‘past the pain’ to its origin. You may suffer from headaches and take painkillers but the origin could be from a whiplash injury to your neck as a teenager. Do you want to carry on with painkillers indefinitely, or let me help heal your whiplash?

Osteopathy is a distinct approach to healthcare based on a well-established system of clinical diagnosis. I focus on the body structure, using safe, manual treatment, which offers a caring approach to the individual needs of each patient – at all stages of life from birth to old age

I specialise in Pain-Free Technique.

Book online now or get in touch to get back to living life to the full: fast and painlessly!

Michael Connor

“Michelle is excellent very professional I have only been a few times and already I feel the benefit I have suffered with a bad back for years I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Michelle.”

Michael Connor / 53, Fisherman