Suffering with pain and stiffness in the morning after doing too much the day before?

If so the cause may be osteoarthritis causing pain with exercise or at rest, changes in posture and sometimes a bony enlargement of the affected joint. It often occurs with general wear and tear, ageing process, manual jobs, repetitive strain mechanisms, athletes, smoking, poor lifestyle and being overweight.

All bones are covered in cartilage which has no nerves (and no pain is experienced). Due to the above the cartilage can wear away exposing the very pain sensitive bone underneath, which sets up a painful inflammatory response from the body as it tries to protect itself. This is the beginning of the often painful downhill cycle of osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis (Wear & Tear)
Osteoarthritis (Wear & Tear) treatment


I will carry out a detailed examination of your spine, muscles , joints,nerves and posture to determine the cause of your pain. I will explain clearly what is happening and how I can help. I find many people have never been given a clear diagnosis – and this in itself provides understanding and often much relief. I will also address the imbalance of forces maintaining and feeding into the arthritis – often weak core muscles, poor posture, prolonged sitting, driving, past falls and injuries.

Your Treatment

I will use a wide range of safe and effective pain free treatments, depending on your age, fitness and diagnosis, tailored specifically for you. It will involve a variety of techniques to reduce pain, and decrease the pressure on compressed and arthritic joints. Gentle traction is particularly effective with osteoarthritis. My aim is to increase movement and reduce muscle spasm and inflammation. I will provide you with the latest Pilates based exercises, especially important to maintain strong core muscles and better posture – to redistribute the forces more evenly through all your joints so there will be less wear and tear in the long term.

It is important to avoid as many aggravating factors as possible to reduce inflammatory triggers and assist in the healing phase.

Your First Visit Pain free Treatment
Osteoarthritis (Wear & Tear) treatment Macclesfield and Knutsford, Cheshire

Is it for me?

I have helped many people just like you who found osteoarthritis limiting their lives.

I understand you might like to chat through your symptoms with me before booking, so I now offer a free, no obligation 10 minutes phone consultation. We can decide together if I may help you become the healthier, pain free you again.

Keith Williams

“Michelle Mason is GOOD! I am over 80, with many musculoskeletal problems. Over the last 60 years, I’ve had many sports injuries but, apart from surgeries, no success from “hands on” therapists. Michelle keeps me moving within my defects and is excellent in reducing pain. I absolutely recommend her!”

Keith Williams / 82, Retired MD