Special treatment for mum’s-to-be to help adapt to changes in the body during pregnancy.

Congratulations! I hope this is a special time for you – but perhaps you’re suffering from back pain, heartburn, indigestion, headaches, sciatic pain, groin or pelvic pain?

As your baby grows in the uterus, it’s extra weight results in a changed centre of gravity and, as a result, your posture changes from week to week. This together with the hormonal influences of Relaxin on ligaments and joints, can to lead to the above discomfort and other possible long-term effects.

Osteopathy and Pregnancy
Osteopathy and Pregnancy


Safety of you and your baby is always my first concern – I will perform a detailed assessment of your spine, pelvis, muscles, joints, nerves determining the cause of your pain. I will explain clearly what’s happening and how I can help. Pain in the lower abdomen or groin is often Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) or Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction. This can make walking and moving extremely painful. SPD is often misdiagnosed in pregnancy and the majority of patients with these symptoms respond very well to Osteopathic treatment.

Your Treatment

I will use a wide range of safe and effective pain free treatments, depending on your fitness and diagnosis, tailored specifically for you and the stage of your pregnancy. It will involve a variety of techniques to reduce pain, muscle spasm and inflammation. My aim is to increase movement and reduce the pressure of compressed nerves and other structures, and provide you with the latest Pilates based exercises to maintain your recovery and help keep you healthy for the birth.

Gentle techniques are used to ease pain, reduce swelling and improve mobility where necessary. Treatment also aims to prepare the mother’s body for the birth. I can advise on positions in labour to help prevent back problems later. Exercise and stretching techniques will be offered as part of the maternity clinic consultation and treatment programme.

Osteopathic treatment throughout pregnancy assists the body to adopt the ideal posture ensuring efficient use of postural muscles and how the mother adapt to the changes in the best way.

Your First Visit Pain free Treatment
Osteopathy and Pregnancy

Post-natal care

After your baby is born, it is important for both mother and baby to be checked to ensure that any variations that may have been created by either the pregnancy or labour can be addressed.

Post-natal problems such as headaches, coccyx pain and pelvic pain may respond favourably to Osteopathic treatment, as will back, neck and shoulder pain associated with feeding.

Is it for me?

I have helped many mum’s-to-be, just like you, who found pain stopping them enjoying their pregnancy.
I understand you might like to chat through your symptoms with me before booking, so I now offer a free, no obligation 10 minutes phone consultation. We can decide together if I may help you become the healthier, pain free you again.
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“Michelle treated me for acute back pain when I was pregnant. She has a gentle but confident hand, the treatments were very effective and I felt really comfortable and at ease during the sessions. I would highly recommend her to anyone.”

M. Hills / 35, Mum, Winsford